Some of our favorite Websites . . .


Pet Expertise

You'll get lots of really helpful information about pet care as well as up-to-date specials! 

Fun bunch of folks.

Find them on the WEB and on FACEBOOK

Natural Wonders Pet Products

Much more than the name implies. Great resource for all sorts of pet issues. 

Find them on the WEB or on FACEBOOK 

Dr. Ian Dunbar’s Dog Star Daily

Tremendous collection of information. A fun, interactive site.

Victoria Stilwell

 It’s Me or the Dog television trainer. An all-around terrific person and a delightfully informative website.

The KONG Company

Maker of pet toys. Recipes, contests, fun site! 

Dental Health AND Food Safety

Dental Health: Info on taking care of your dog's teeth. It's not hard. It promotes good health. It saves you money!

Food Safety: The US Government's advice on the basic principles of pet food safety.  Worth a read!

. . . and More !

Whole Dog Journral


Find it online or on Facebook . Lots of good information about dog health, training, adoptions, etc.

Pilots N Paws


Volunteers with this organization use their personal aircraft, at their own expense, to transport pets across country to adoptive homes. Read about them and support them on  Facebook and online.



More good info about dogs and the people 

who are TRAINED to train them.

CCPDT    Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers

 APDT    The Association of Professional Dog Trainers

 PPG     Pet Professional Guild

Houston area Rescues


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