DeTails Pet Dog Training, LLC


Like many of us, Mickey Kinzer began training dogs as a child. Her methods, though effective, were highly non-professional and what we now recognize as moderately aversive. Fortunately, as she was busy growing up, dog trainers around the world were busy developing kinder and more effective training techniques.


Years later, volunteering at a  major Houston area shelter got Mickey on the right track of the now highly regarded technique of Reward based Positive Reinforcement training. After working with the shelter dogs for many months as everything from kennel cleaner to adoption counselor, she assumed responsibility for a program wherein volunteers are trained to evaluate and rate the behavior characteristics of adoptable dogs. These evaluations improved the dogs' chances for adoption by making better matches between the dogs and their potential adopters.


Having demonstrated success in this program, she was invited to participate in the shelter's train-the-trainer program. This intensive study course covered both theory and practice of dog behavior evaluation and training. Upon completion, she began regularly participating in various classes at the shelter such as basic training, Canine Good Citizen, and puppy and adolescent socialization. She has spent hundreds of hours training dogs, owners, and volunteers. 

Mickey continues to volunteer at area shelters, conducting classes for volunteers, and, of course, dogs! 


In addition to these hands-on experiences, as a member of the Pet Professional Guild she participates in seminars and special events regarding pet dog training.


As a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. She is honored to have been trained by and worked with many highly regarded Certified Professional Dog Trainers in the Houston metropolitan area. She has personal, working relationships with over 10% of the certified trainers in the State of Texas.