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Some of our favorite Websites, Books, and more


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Pet Expertise

Go to the website and "Like" them on Facebook. You'll get lots of really helpful information about pet care as well as up-to-date specials! Fun bunch of folks.


Natural Wonders Pet Products

Much more than the name implies. Great resource for all sorts of pet issues.


Dr. Ian Dunbar’s Dog Star Daily

Tremendous collection of information. A fun, interactive site.  

Victoria Stilwell

It’s Me or the Dog television trainer. An all- around terrific person and a delightfully informative website.  

Dental Associates 

of Northern Virginia

Great Website for information about dental care for your dog.

(Recommended by Anabel Singleton) 


The Other End of the Leash

by Patricia B. McConnell

Why we do what we do around dogs 

Animals Make Us Human

by Temple Grandin & Catherine Johnson

Creating the best life for animals 

The Language of Dogs (video)

by Sarah Kalnajs

Understanding Canine Body language and other communication signals 

Houston SPCA

Great "Resources" page with all sorts of info and help about your pet's behavior  


The Kong Company

Maker of pet toys. Recipes, contests, fun site!