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"Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless."

Mother Teresa

Friends of DeTails say . . .
A big "thank you" to Mickey for her help with Monkee, our six month old Yorkie. Monkee has learned the commands sit, down, touch and leave it easily in three lessons. Mickey uses what I call the "kind method". Praise, treats and patience. The information  and lesson recaps I received from her were invaluable.  Monkee is on her way to becoming a great pet! I'm so appreciative that we were able to tap into Mickey's dog training knowledge for help with Monkee.  It has made a huge difference in her behavior and given us a calm household again.
Thanks!  You have been very helpful! We are looking forward to working with her more! Appreciate all your help and dedication to making people's lives with animals more enjoyable!  Blessing to you! 

League City


We had a wonderful situation of Dexter wanting to head for a hopping frog and I called "touch" and he paused, looked at me and zoomed back!  I was so thrilled! It's making sense to us both.  Then he was about to try and pick up a baby frog with his mouth and I raised my voice with a "leave it!”  and he stopped in his tracks.  It's working!  We are both learning!  I sure appreciate what you have and are teaching us. 




Hi Mickey,

I wanted to thank you for meeting with Bentley and I. 

When I adopted Bentley I thought I made a terrible mistake.  He was jumping up on me and other people coming into the home and he was impossible to handle on a leash dragging me all over!  I was so frustrated!  I knew right away that I had to get some training lined up.  I contacted several trainers.  Some were telling me to get a choke chain and pinch collar. Others were telling me not to feed him for 2 days before training!  I was appalled!  That wasn't the way I wanted to train any of my pets by inflicting pain on them or starving them - it just seemed crazy!  I was SO happy to find you and talk to you about your method of training.  I was so excited to get started!  Then, I learned it was really ME who needed the training more than Bentley!  I had to learn how to redirect his behavior and the clicker worked beautifully.  He learned the sound of the clicker quickly and although he's still a puppy and distracted easily, he did wonderfully.  The harness leash you recommended made all the difference in the world without choking him or pinching his neck.  He walks like a pro and even sits when I stop walking!  He has stopped jumping up on me and others for the most part - and the grand kids can play with him now and they all enjoy that!

Thank you so much for making our lives so much better for Bentley and us!  



Thanks a lot for being so patient with Tito and me. Since the very first visit  I saw the difference you brought to our lives. My dog will always be super hyper but now he has many other things to think about so he doesn't get bored.

I have enjoyed learning from you and I'm sure Tito is fascinated with you.


Mickey worked with me and my hearing service dog Sundance last Spring.  This evening she was in the back yard, I was working in my garden.  I happened to glance up and saw she had found a loose board in the fence and was half through and struggling to get the rest of herself through.  She would have been free and gone!  I yelled her response... and then I used the word Mickey taught me:  "touch".  I said it once...she immediately struggled to back up and raced across the yead to my hand.  I was SO happy and SO relieved.  We practice it every day but in a fun controlled situation.  My first time to use the word in an emergency and she responded perfectly!  I will be forever grateful for that afternoon we spent together working with Mickey!!



Mickey helped our family get started on the right foot with our precious little (maybe not so little) Bonnie Blue. She is patient and has a special talent for teaching owners how to train their pups. We are so thankful for the skills she's taught us. Bonnie looks forward to her training sessions. As soon as she sees the clicker, she knows it's time to have FUN !!!




Mickey is a patient and knowledgeable trainer. We could see results during the very first session. We would highly recommend her.




Tessa the Wonder Dog

Thank you Mickey. You did an excellent job of showing us the most important things for training the trainers and Tessa. The follow-up emails are also a huge help. 




Mickey - Scooby is doing great! We love him so and are really enjoying him. Here is a pic of Scooby and Tanner from the beach on Saturday. We are so proud to tell anyone who will listen to us chat about how good he is that we adopted him from Friendswood Animal Shelter and that you helped us with his training. We absolutely love him!! Thanks again for all you did for us.



Thank you, Mickey. We definitely learned basic skills/behaviors that we will continue utilizing! We wish we had brought Ocho Cinco when he was younger! We feel we have learned much and that we know how to train our "child" (He had us trained.) Thank you.
                                                           David and Ana
Zoey's doing great! She's such a smart girl and we're still using the tricks she learned with us in class. Thank you so much for showing us the right way to train our pup. She even learned how to ring a bell to go potty! Everyone that comes into our home is amazed at how smart she is and want us to show them the tricks we learned, with their pups. Thanks again!


I just wanted to say thank you for your  help with Goldie. She was bonding with Adam by that evening and now she is seeking him out to play and to get her belly rubbed! Adam had become a little fearful of her and I think she was picking up on that. You gave Adam the confidence that he could form a good bond with her and that made all the difference. Train the people and the dog will follow. Goldie is now absolutely perfect and well, the only trouble Bailey might cause is if we trip over him, but when we need training we will be calling you and will recommend you to our friends. Thank you so  much for all you do!





When we adopted our 1 1/2 year old lab/beagle mix we were overwhelmed by her constant energy and rambunctious personality.  With Mickey's help our little girl has learned to listen to and respond to our commands like I never imagined.  We couldn't have done it without her.  She truly cares for the pets she trains and clearly loves what she does.  She trained Roxy, and she showed us how to keep training her and moving forward.  These lessons are instrumental to our relationship with our pet. I spent hours and hours researching training schools and methods online and I have no doubt that Mickey's methods are the best way to have a healthy, happy and obedient pet.




Mickey has been a great help to my dog Duke and me.  She came to my home for a short training session when Duke was two months old.  Mickey introduced Duke and me to the "clicker" and treats as rewards.  What a difference in behavior and attitude her visit made.  I recommend her to anyone who needs a dog trainer.




Lucy !

Training with Mickey was a great experience. First of all she listened to what we had to say regarding the issues we were having with Lucy, our Malt-poo. She spent as much time as we needed for us to feel comfortable and more in control with respect to issuing commands and rewarding Lucy.  I highly recommend Mickey if you want a dog trainer who listens, and really cares about your dog.




Mickey is awesome!  She had our four month old Shih-tzu, Bella,

sitting in just minutes.  She is very patient and knowledgeable.

We highly recommend her!